Liberation from Depression

When we find ourselves in the midst of an emotional battle it is often hard to detach from that battle. We believe that we are our emotions and that our emotions are us. We attach ourselves to the emotions of sadness, guilt, hatred, or jealously and think that by feeling that emotional state we must act on it. Many times, emotions can even be built up resentment from the past towards ourselves or towards others. We may even have an emotion of anger that built up from a childhood trauma and we carry that with us in our daily lives.

We also often feel as if we have to express those emotions to others. That expression then creates a cyclic expression of other people’s emotions. We get in habit patterns and then we may stay in that habitual pattern until the day we die. Have you ever had a moment where you realize that maybe you were a little bit different then you were a moment ago. You feel a sense of liberation and freedom from your thoughts and thinking patterns in the mind that you feel may almost detached from yourself. Then you go back. You repeat that same pattern of thoughts in your mind to only try and constantly escape it.

We are looking for freedom. We are looking for peace and harmony in our lives even if you do not know that you are looking for it. You do not have to be spiritual, religious, or even believe in anything to get this. You do not have to hear and understand the words that are coming out on this paper right now. You just need to be present to it in the mind by reading them and then someday far in the future you might see something that reminds you of it. But first the seed must be planted in your mind for this place even exists.
The ways of acupuncture can help do this for you. If you have ever been in a consistent state of anxiety or depression, the mindset is what keeps you there. I know that that mindset is often hard to break but you do not have to be the one to necessarily break that.

People have a tendency to do certain things when they are in a state of depression, whether is conscious or unconscious efforts. Maybe it’s looking at yourself in the mirror and telling you that you hate something about yourself, or its curling up in a ball without the ability to move out of that place, or maybe its calling up your friend and telling them how much is wrong with you right now. We believe that those things we do might help us temporarily but it just reinforces those thoughts. That cycle of depression will only change when you consciously seek out help to change it.

Now that conscious decision has to be yours and yours alone. Either you make that change for yourself or that change will continuously be presented in your life as a form of opportunity. We have that choice. Whether you have believed that or not, we do. Either something has to wake you from it, in a form of hitting “rock bottom” or you consistently choose on a daily basis to move a little bit closer to the light.

If you sat your entire life in a darkroom, would you even know that light existed? Only when the light actually presents itself to you, do you then know it exists.

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