Embracing your Power

You and only you are in charge of your own innate power within.

This power does not exactly come from you but instead through you.  The potential inside you is hiding deep within the cracks of your true nature of self.  This true self wants to be happy, wants to heal, and wants to live a inspirational life.  You just have to let it.

Ways we believe that cultivate this power is in the form of control.  If we can only control the power that we have then we will become more successful, happier, and healthier.  This is a false sense of power.  We believe that we must take full control of all circumstances in our lives in order to have power.

It is true that you must first realize that you are the only one responsible for your life and you are the only one that can choose to change.  However, true power does not come from a place where we believe we have to be in control of all details and aspects of a situation in order for things to occur.  But instead letting the details work themselves out.

To come from a place of empowerment, we must first accept a place of defeat.  We realize that we are not the ones performing the actions abut actions performing themselves.  And if a situation is not effortless we must stop the struggling and let it go.  We also have a false sense of belief that letting go of something is a bad thing.  Letting go just opens up to new possibilities.  Letting go makes you realize what you dont want in your life.  Letting go makes room for more.  When you really let go, you let the dance happen of it’s own nature.

This also means we have to let go of things that are having a negative impact on us.  Whether it is a situation that is causing your frustration or a family member who is constantly pointing out the negative aspects of you, let it go.

If you become an observer to your life, you will find out that you are exactly where you need to be.  If anything had been different you would not be where you are today, a stronger and wiser verison of yourself.   By allowing your life to flow through you, you allow your life to flow.

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